Bobo Rumplecuddles is a cute character in Glove and Boots. He appeared in "Cute Character Blog" as his first debut. He is capable of entertaining and educating kids, but when Fafa turns his back on Mario, Bobo Rumplecuddles turns from a cute lovable orange guy to a villainous orange brute. After being antagonistic to Mario, he beats up Bobo a few times, causing Fafa to drop his tray of pancakes and Bobo explains what happened. Mario tries to explain to Fafa what happens with Bobo when he turns around. When Fafa turns around, Bobo pulls out a gun, then Fafa turns back around then Bobo holds up a rose for Mario. Mario doesn't know what to do. As he goes through psychomachia, his good and evil sides show up, but the good side goes up into heaven with good Fafa. then good Bobo appears then Good Mario decides to accept Evil Mario's advice then tells Mario: "KILL HIM!" Then Mario gets out a TNT lever, pushes it and then it blows up Bobo. Bobo appears to be dead, but then his true face is revealed when he gets up, which was a yellow-orange body on a furry monster ball all along. But there's a plot twist : Bobo was Mario's father, although when he appeared in "A History of YouTube", he looked just like his son, with the exception of a longer beard and looked nothing. like Bobo. Fafa whacks Bobo's lower head with a frying pan and he collapses to the ground, gets back up and then gets hit in the head again.