Bobo Rimple Killer the antagonist from "Blog Crasher." He resembles Bobo Rumplecuddles, but with gray eyes. He tried to frame Gorilla for robbery but he was foiled by Mario, and swore revenge on him. He sent his brother Bobo Rumplecuddles to Fafa, to fool him into thinking he was cute, but then Mario killed him, and Bobo Rimple Killer swore deeper revenge on Mario. Bobo Rimple Killer then kidnapped Fafa, and Gorilla. Mario arrived to rescue them, then Bobo Rimple Killer showed up and tried to stab Mario with a knife, but fell through a trap door with water on the bottom filled with sharks and piranhas. After Mario rescued Fafa and Gorilla, Bobo Rimple Killer ended up in jail for kidnapping Fafa and Gorilla, and for illegally taking sharks and piranhas out of the aquarium without a permit to do so.