Mario has a bad dream...

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The video starts off with Mario laying in his bed moaning in pain because he has a stomachache. Fafa walks in his room to tell him to be quiet so he could sleep. Mario complains that he doesn’t feel good as Fafa walks to his bed. Fafa tells Mario he shouldn’t have eaten ice cream, pizza, burritos, and bagels all together before bed. Mario then states that they are all delicious. Fafa then warns Mario that he has bad dreams when he eats food like that and then tell Mario just to try to go to sleep. Fafa then walks out of Mario’s room and turns off the light. Mario then moans even more. As Mario then lays down, a shadow to revel Freddy Krueger then appears singing Dream a Little Dream of me as well with the help of his ghost face backup singers and scare Mario with his fears in the song. Jason Vorhees then appears during the song and has a piano solo as Freddy dances along to it. Mario tries to run away from them, but Freddy then sing more. Mario then heads to the kitchen and sings a solo himself before he could finally sleep again.

Trivia Edit

  • This marks the first appearance of Freddy Kruege, as well as the Ghost face singers and Jason Voorhees.
  • This episode reveals some of Mario’s fears which include Gene Simmon,Driving the car with just one gear, Annoying Orange,and Vincent Van Gogh.
  • This episode also reveals that Fafa wears pajamas to bed.

References Edit

  • This episode of Glove and Boots is a parody to the 1984 film Nightmare on Elm Street.

Errors Edit

  • At 2:08, the lyrics misspell Jason Voorhees, Voorhies.