"Meh." -Gorilla (Every episode he appeared in)

Vital statistics
Position Actor
Age 24
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 27 inches
Weight 20 grams

Gorilla is a tritagonist from Glove and Boots. He sings in "Gorillage People", "Me Meh Meh Meh", a parody of Call Me Maybe, and a parody video of "Gangnam Style". He is always being over dramatic over simple things. He is always going "MEH" though it's speculated that he's actually speaking his own language. He's good friends with Mario and Fafa but is known for getting physical when he gets angry as seen in the Copyright Explanation, Rock Band, and Photoshop Tutorial. Gorilla is seen in many costumes and hats in many episodes though it's possible that there are multiple different Gorillas.