"I'm gonna share this with the whole world.MUHEHEHEH!" -Jerkface '

Jerkface is a Glove and Boots villain. He reuploaded Glove and Boots Explains your Copyright Rights. He appears to have a problem with Mario.

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1.Glove and Boots Explains your Copyright Rights

2.Levels of Trolling


4.Johnny T's Subway Tips

5.Ten Alternate Ghostbusters Reboots


  • Jerkface resembles a troll and also acts as an internet troll. His signs of trolling were shown when he reuploaded Glove and Boots' "Knowing Your Copyright" video only for Mario to take it down for copyright infrigement. He later made a video stating how bad he thought the video was, but Mario was unable to remove it as it followed "Fair Use." He's also used as the example of what a troll does on the internet in the "Levels of Trolling" video, and again when he mislead people into thinking Mario said he hated the jews when really Mario said he didn't like "juice."