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"You're a tourist, that means you're a jerk."- Johnny T, Johnny's NYC Tourist Tips

Johnny T.
Johnny T., with his cousin Fafa
Johnny T., with his cousin Fafa
Vital statistics
Position Italian stereotype
Age 28
Status Italian
Physical attributes
Height 29 inches
Weight 20 grams

Performer: Zach Glass

Johnny T is Fafa's cousin. He is New York Italian as you can tell. His first appearance was in "Introducing: Johnny T". He loves garlic knots and is not from "dat street what learns all dem kids". He also has a tendency to blurt out curse words.

Johnny T also has a unique car horn, which is tuned to the theme of The Godfather and often times he arrives at the blog and you hear a crashing sound and the noise of his car.


  1. Introducing: Johnny T
  2. The Hero's Journey
  3. 10 Reasons Why Johnny Depp Should / Should Not Retire
  4. Johnny's NYC Tourist Tips
  5. Johnny's NYC Subway Tips
  6. New York, New York, feat. Johnny T
  7. Levels of Trolling
  8. All Together Now
  9. Johnny T's Guide to attending the Super Bowl
  10. Fix Your Grammar
  11. Robin Hood 101
  12. This VIDEO will BLOW YOUR MIND and be the BEST PART OF YOUR DAY!
  13. Johnny T Goes to College
  14. Don't Be a Dummy with Johnny T (Series)
  15. Thank You, Grandma!
  16. Twinkle? Twinkle? ABC's?

Fun Facts[]

  1. Favorite food: Garlic knots
  2. Likes: Fafa, Mario, New York, Pasta Fazool
  3. Dislikes: Jerks, People calling him a frog, Pumpkins
  4. Hometown: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
  5. Favorite show: Family guy South park Futurama Robot Chicken Rick And Morty
  6. Dislikes: The Simpsons King of The hill


  • Johnny T is similar to the actor and retired professional wrestler Mr. T as they both have the same last name.
  • Johnny was once accepted into Berkeley College, but came back to Brooklyn four days later.
  • Johnny and Fafa are said to be cousins and that his father was a tire. This, along with them having the same grandma, may point to them being blood related.
  • Johnny claims that his grandmother made a song dedicated to him.

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