Mario's Word of The Week
From the cyanoacrylate episode
Vital statistics
Position A word for the week.
Age 2004 - 2006
Status Ended
Physical attributes
Height 320
Weight 240

Mario's Word of The Week was the first Glove and Boots series to hit the site. It mainly focuses on Mario teaching the viewers of the word of the week. It is the only Glove and Boots to not feature Fafa (except his voice is heard on the episode "Delete"). Production was from the begining of the site from 2004 until 2006 when Glove and Boots retired for four years. When Glove and Boots were on Youtube, These videos along with most of the older videos were removed from the site and reuploaded to Youtube. In febuary 2017 after popular demand glove and boots said that new episodes of mario's word of the week would be coming. It is unknown when the new episodes are coming most likely in may.