Pirates Stole our Monies
Season 0, Episode 0
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Air date 15/8/10
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
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"Pirates stole our monies!!" is a video to after four years in hiatus.


Pirates stole all of Glove and Boots' money and Mario and Fafa couldn't make any more videos in four years.


The video starts off with a black screen saying "This is a video... to explain why Glove and Boots has not made a new video in four years.", and cuts to Mario and Fafa sadly introducing the viewers to the video. Fafa asks where everything got to, and Mario replies by telling him that pirates stole their money, and that he and Fafa had to sell many things to get it back.


  • This video is a continuity of another project from Bento Box called "We Lost our Gold" which may be the reason why Glove and Boots made no videos since 2006.