The History of Television
Season 1, Episode 17
Vital statistics
Air date December 11, 2011 (US)

January 4, 2012 (UK) January 6, 2012 (AUS)

Written by Unnamed
Directed by Unnamed
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"The History of Television" is episode 17 of season 1 of Glove and Boots.


Mario and Fafa explain the history of television to Gorilla.


The video starts off with the usual intro and cuts to Gorilla making a sketch resembling the "vitameatavegamin" from I Love Lucy, although Gorilla never saw the series, because he doesn't watch TV. And so, Fafa decides to show Gorilla the shows he's missed over the past 60 years. He tells Mario to get his Rod Serling outfit. And Mario starts with a parody of the Twilight Zone intro. Then they continue with...

  1. The Lone Ranger
  2. I Love Lucy
  3. The Little Rascals
  4. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  5. Leave It to Beaver
  6. Peter Gunn
  7. Bonanza
  8. The Flintstones (The Honeymooners)
  9. My Three Sons
  10. The Dick van Dyke Show
  11. Bewitched
  12. Danger Man, aka Secret Agent
  13. The Munsters (The Addams Family)
  14. I Dream of Jeannie, Mario's Favorite
  15. Star Trek
  16. Batman
  17. Mission: Impossible
  18. Hawaii Five-O
  19. All in the Family
  20. Sanford and Son
  21. Happy Days
  22. Wonder Woman
  23. Welcome Back, Kotter
  24. Three's Company
  25. Dallas
  26. The Dukes of Hazzard
  27. The Facts of Life
  28. The A-Team
  29. The Cosby Show
  30. The Simpsons
  31. Law and Order (w/Trial by Jury, Criminal Intent, Special Victims Unit, Los Angles, and UK)
  32. Seinfeld
  33. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  34. Friends
  35. Arrested Development
  36. Lost
  37. Mad Men
  38. Jersey Shore

Mario and Fafa conclude with a congratulation, and Gorilla comes in drunk from so much Vitameatavegamin, and then gives a hiccup and falls on the floor.


  • Through the whole video there were annotations/easter eggs linking to certain videos pertaining to the show (e.g. Jersey Shore).
  • This time there was no picture in the background since the picture has been blocked by the "vitameatavegamin" drawing in front of it.
  • The ending tag has Gorilla, as the subscribe picture, pretending to be Magmun P.I.