Vertical Video Syndrome
Vertical videos
Season 2012, Episode 11
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Air date June 5, 2012 (US)

June 24, 2012 (AUS) July 11, 2012 (UK)

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Mario and Fafa Play the Classics Part 2 Me Me Meh Meh (Call me Maybe ft. Gorilla)
Vertical Video Syndrome is Glove and Boots's most watched video.


Mario, Fafa and Gorilla talk about something that's going on on the World Wide Web, Vertical Videos.


The episode starts out with Gorilla, saying "Meh." in a vertical video, and then Fafa comes into scene showing the video didn't have to look that way.

Fafa: This video didn't have to look this could have been prevented.


  • New sample videos have been shot with a phone to make up for all the videos shown on the video as examples.
  • The picture frame in the background has The Goodman in it..
  • A new character, called Stewart is introduced to the Glove and Boots Family.
  • On the video of a YouTube screenshot, the names of the videos were: (from left to right) Gorilla Park, Fafa on the Street, Thor on the Beach, and Mario talks to George Clooney.
    • On the comments below, you can see that DoctorZoo commented "WTF did I just watch?".
    • You can also see that the Glove and Boots channel has 4444 videos and the video has 109.673 views.
  • A 8-year old tried to dub the video in Gorilla which was probably inspired by the Gorilla captions on Translate this Blog


Vertical Video Syndrome - A PSA-0

Vertical Video Syndrome - A PSA-0