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Season 1, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date August 31, 2011 (US)

September 14, 2011 (UK) September 6, 2011 (AUS)

Written by  ???
Directed by  ???
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Evolution of the Hipster - Outtakes Reel Shortest Blog Ever.


The video opens up with an advertisement, much like one before a YouTube video. Mario walks in, questioning what's happening. Fafa says it's an advertisement, and in the blog they talk about different types of ads such as banners and the lower-third. Later, Fafa is shown holding a Pepsi can, saying him and Mario can make millions just holding the can. Later, they start talking about how they actually hate Pepsi like calling it Poopsy. They noticed that Pepsi was going to see the blog and might take them down or get sued. They hide under a ad for Gorilla's Popsicle but a Pepsi can is shown being throwed. Gorilla sees that the ad is opened and closes it. Later, Pepsi takes away their camera, microphone, and other accessories for the show. Mario also leaves the room, leaving Fafa looking at the audince. in shock and then Pepsi takes away the camera. At the end, an ad for Pepsi is shown saying "Drink Pepsi, or we kill the groundhog."


  • Sometime in early 2014, the video was made private for unknown reasons possibly due to a lawsuit by Pepsi by the way that Maro & Fafa were offending Pepsi. But on December of 2014 the video was made public.
  • Some outtake footage can be seen in the Glove and Boots video Outtakes 2.
  • This video can be seen in the links below and on the Glove and Boots channel.